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The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program: An Overview

Alberta Immigration

Alberta Immigration

Alberta Immigration is one of the cheapest and yet the most valuable portions of land in Canada. The average income of the province is higher than the national average, which makes it an attractive place to live.

Alberta’s geographical position commits it to one of the farther west provinces, only after British Columbia. In addition, Alberta is known for its rich deposits of oil and natural gas fields and its cattle farming. The following reasons make it a desirable place for immigrants to live.

Let’s now dwell on everything you need to know to settle permanently in Alberta by learning about the Alberta provincial nominee program.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programme, also famously known by its acronym AINP is a program of immigration that allows a whole range of workers, graduates, employees, or even students to settle down in Alberta by holding a permanent position. As a result, the Alberta provincial nominee program holds a significant weightage for Alberta immigration.

How To applying

Applicants applying to the following programs will get on by receiving a provincial nomination certificate. The following will entail that the applicant and his family member apply for a permanent Canadian residence. The heading under which they will have legally compile would be known as “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.” The nominees applying for the Alberta immigration should also have the prerequisite skills to fill the job requirements or start a business. For either of the two cases, the earning member should provide for their dependent families.

If we compare the data, Alberta ranks second in immigrants, only after the table-toppers British Columbia. The highest number of immigrants last seen in Alberta was close to 58,000 in 2015-2016. Last year, the numbers were staggeringly low because of the pandemic. But Canadian government promotions and plans for inviting the workforce are well under work, and Alberta has always favoured the immigrants.

Also, the median average income of a family in Alberta is nearly $102,700 a year, while the average Canadian income is close to $71,700. So, the figures tell you how favourable the Alberta provincial nominee programme is for people willing to gain and earn a respectable life.

AINP Streams-

The streams segment is based on two principles, for one, it is for the workers who are planning to work and live there; for the second, it is for entrepreneurs who are willing to buy or start a new business venture in the state.

Further classification can be done for these segments in Alberta provincial nominee program:

Working Class Stream or the first stream discussed:

1) Alberta Opportunity Stream

The following stream will entitle the temporary foreign worker to get permanent residence status under the Alberta provincial nominee program. The Albertan immigrant should, however, fulfil the listed requirements-

  1. A) They should have a full-time job offer from an Albertan employer.
  2. B) LMIA- or known as Labour Market Impact Assessment should positively grade him.
  3. C) Candidates should also meet other criteria set as a bare minimum to change status from an immigrant to a permanent resident.

2) Alberta Express Entry Stream

As the name indicates, the following stream of the Alberta provincial nominee program entails and invites qualified candidates to apply with the profile of Express Entry. The candidate should have shown a strong bond with the likes of the Canadian government. In addition, the profile or candidate should also demonstrate skills that will help the government progress economically or via diversification. The graduates who belong to other countries and have pursued their secondary studies in the state are also eligible.

Entrepreneurial Streams or the second stream are discussed below-

1) International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream- The following Alberta immigration stream entitles the state of Alberta to progress the candidates who have completed their graduation from post-secondary institutions. The interest in starting their ventures on the state’s land.

2) Self Employed Farmer Stream- The following stream under the Alberta provincial nominee program allows the farmers who have had farming experience and wish to start a new venture in the state of Alberta to obtain a permanent residence status in the country. The immigrant should have the financial resources to be eligible for this stream.

3) Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream- The following program under the head of the Alberta provincial nominee program designe for graduates studying outside the country to apply for a permanent residence status. Regardless, they should be eligible financially and have an innovative business idea.

Specific tips to enhance your chances for conversion from Alberta immigration status to that of permanent residence.

  • Be Wary of the Terms and Conditions for Alberta immigration- The terms and conditions for the status under AINP are dynamic. Hence, the individual interested should regularly update his knowledge. The application volume intake is immense; accordingly, the state might change the Alberta immigration strategies throughout.
  • Update yourself with the selection criteria of the Alberta provincial nominee programme- The streams, as discussed above, are according to their nature. Hence, you should pay attention to what suits you the best and enhance your chances to sail through the nominee application process.
  • Check for the language metric- Proficiency in English is a must, and if not, the person should know French. Or any other language which is pre-approved by Canadian immigration.

This is an overview of all the information require for the Alberta Immigration Nominee program.