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Laser Hair Removal – How Far Do You Know?

Possessing glamorous skin that is hair-free and smooth is a dream of many. Hair removal has become an integral part of the modern-day skincare routine. 

We all love smooth and clear skin without any unwanted hair. Waxing, shaving, user razors, and hair removal creams are part of our basic hygiene routine. But almost all of us who go through it would agree unanimously on one fact that it is indeed cumbersome and irritating to sit down for a hair removing session every other day. At least for once in our lifetime, we have thought that had it been a permanent removal, how good would that be. With the advancement of technology, it has become possible to opt for permanent hair removal from various body parts. Yes, you guessed it right, this is the context of none other than Laser Hair Removal. With an expert professional at help, laser hair removal can be one of the best things you ever try out in a lifetime. 

Most people who have some knowledge of the cosmetology industry are well aware of what laser treatment is. However, if you are not yet familiar with the term, let us have a look at it. Laser hair removal as the name suggests uses laser beams to completely destroy the hair follicles and prevent unwanted hair growth.

However, there is one myth too. Be broken. Unlike common belief, laser hair removal is not a permanent solution. Yes, it is a long-term solution and definitely the effects last multifold longer than your razor or waxing sessions but it is not permanent. You need to opt for multiple sessions until it is close to permanent

Let us have a look at the three most common laser hair treatment genres

Armpit Laser Hair Removal

Underarm hair can be a major beauty hindrance especially when you are up with some of your favorite sleeveless dresses. Armpit laser hair removal can be an excellent process to say goodbye to your unwanted underarm hair or at the least considerably slow down the growth.

In the course of the process, the treatment area is initially. Treated with a cleaning agent that has a mild anesthetic effect. Then the laser hair removal device.

Will be run. Across the armpit. Once it is done. The soothing gel may be. Applied to the area to produce a cooling sensation. 

There is no need to stay admitted in the clinic and you can go home back just after the treatment. Generally, a regular application of an ice pack for some days post-treatment session is enough to keep away side effects like rashes or hot flushes. Usually, there is no pain however individual variations do exist for effects of armpit laser hair removal.

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

A hair-free bikini line is a hushed topic even to date because. People are literally. Scared of the laser beams. Application proximal to the most sensitive part of their body – the genitals.

The fact is that bikini line laser hair removal does have a bit more risk than other laser hair removal processes. The light of the laser beam. Transduced to heat when it reaches the skin surface. The hair has a pigment called melanin that gives it color. The melanin absorbs the laser light that is applied to it and the heat thus generates damages to the hair follicles. Heat, beam, and all these stuff near your fragile genital is a bit of frown indeed.

Bikini line laser hair removal from experts can be more than safe and poses no side effects. While if the beam application or anything else goes wrong there is a huge risk of side effects. The heat generated from the laser beam tampers the collagen of the tissue area and also hampers blood flow. Both of the resulting conditions can be injurious to the bikini line. Also, one may start experiencing painful intercourse or vaginal swelling if anything goes wrong.

Laser hair evacuation works by utilizing concentrated light to influence hair follicles, which are little pits in the skin from which hair develops. The hair follicle retains the laser, which is drawn to the hair’s melanin color, and the hair disintegrates immediately.

The shade in the hair draws in the laser, so more obscure hair retains the laser all the more adequately, which is the reason individuals with dim hair and fair complexion are ideal contenders for laser hair evacuation.

Patients with brown complexion regularly should be treated with an exceptional kind of laser that distinguishes the hair against their skin.

Those with light hair make less ideal competitors, and they are additionally less inclined to encounter extreme outcomes as the laser doesn’t zero in well on non-pigmented hair. Laser hair expulsion isn’t viable on blonde, dark, or white hairs.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal upper lip and the chin area is completely safe and does not pose any potential side effects. This is one of the laser treatment genres that is acclaimed to be wholesome safe. Unwanted hair in the upper lip area can damage the beauty quotient of your entire face. A professionally performed upper lip laser hair removal can give you a beautiful facial appearance and smooth skin. The process is not usually painful however some people may react a bit adversely. Expert clinics have the best services for upper lip laser hair removal and also offer proper guidance on post-treatment care to stay away from probable side effects.  

Why Should You opt for Laser Hair Removal?

In a nutshell, the benefits of laser Har removal goes as: 

  • This leads to the growth of fewer hair and even if growth occurs the size of the hair follicles is unnoticeable.
  • It is an amazing substitute for waxing, hair removal cream, and shaving. 
  • The hair follicle when they come back is thinner and lighter in shade and have inconspicuous look.

So, if you aspire to have that beautifully smooth and clean skin look, then it is time to opt for laser hair removal. However, do not forget to choose only expert professionals and reputable trusted clinics for the treatment.