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How to make carpet cleaning solution at home

How to make carpet cleaning solution at home

How to make carpet cleaning solution at home. We explain how to clean the most difficult stains on carpets and rugs at home. Our secret? We use ammonia, an excellent and cheap stain remover.

But not only that, we also explain how to clean these fabrics with white vinegar, baking soda, and other products you have at home. Take note of the following cleaning tricks!

Rugs, large or small, made of wool, vinyl, nylon, polypropylene, or hair, require a lot of care and frequent cleaning to keep them in perfect condition and without any bad smell.

In addition, depending on their size and degree of dirt, you can wash them in the washing machine or dry clean them, that is, removing the dirt from the stains as they appear.

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For cleaning, you can use products such as ammonia (the best known), table salt, dishwasher or dish soap, white vinegar (our favourite ecological cleaner), and, if they are light-coloured or white carpets, baking soda. sodium, lye, and lemon. Let’s see how it is done in each case.

1. With ammonia

To clean carpets or carpet stains with ammonia, you will need:

  1. Liquid ammonia. We will use Volvone ammonia, but you can choose any supermarket brand. For this cleaning, always wear long rubber gloves and do it in an open space, that is, where there is current since ammonia gives off very strong vapours.
  2. Soft bristle brush or cloth. If they are stains on wool or fur rugs, use a lint-free cloth. On any other rug, you can use a soft bristle brush.
  3. Cold or lukewarm water.

After having all the materials at hand, dilute a cap of liquid ammonia plus 1/4 of warm water plus a splash of dish soap in a container. Then, you just have to follow these steps:

2. Vacuum

The first step in cleaning any carpet is to vacuum it thoroughly. Vacuuming removes the remains of crumbs, hair, dust and small paper , as well as other residues that accumulate on the carpets. Of course, also try to clean the floor where the carpet is located.

3. Locate and clean the stain

The most common is to locate stains of food, drink or even urine stains (if you have pets). It is highly advisable to clean the stain immediately, otherwise, it adheres more to the fibers and is more complicated to clean.

Large rugs

Now, to clean stains on large rugs, first soak the cloth in the ammonia and water mixture and rub vigorously on the stain. You will see, almost immediately, how the formula dissolves the stain. And, if it has a bad smell, it also removes it.

Liquid ammonia is one of the best for cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery or others. The best? Its economic cost . You can buy it at any drugstore, supermarket and even online, since it is available on Amazon.

Small rugs

If they are small and fine rugs , after having vacuumed them, submerge them in a basin with warm water and liquid ammonia. How to make carpet cleaning solution at home. After introducing the carpet in the basin or bucket, let the product act for 10 to 20 minutes . If you find that you can rub the stains, put on the gloves to prevent the ammonia from irritating your skin. From this point you have two options:

  1. Put them in the washing machine with a washing program for delicate fabrics without spin. The result is incredible!
  2. Continue with hand wash. If you choose to wash it by hand, rub on the stains until they disappear and rinse with plenty of cold water. Let it drain by itself in the shower or bathtub and when there is no excess water, hang it in a place outdoors, but where it is not exposed to the sun.

3. Let it air dry

If you have cleaned a large rug, open the windows and the door to allow air to circulate and dry. If they are small rugs, hang them outdoors but not in direct sunlight.

4. With vinegar and lemon

The next trick is hand of saint if you love 100% ecological and economical cleaning. And it is that one of the best homemade cleaners is prepared with 1/4 of white vinegar + a splash of dishwasher + the juice of 1/2 lemon + 1/4 of hot water .

When you have this mixture ready, place it in a spray bottle and shake it well. Then, you just have to spray the mixture on the carpet or carpet stain . Let the product permeate all the fibres and rub with a lint-free cloth or rag. To clarify, just wipe with another clean, damp cloth.

Do not cover the area until it has dried completely.

5. With table salt or sodium chloride

One of the best tricks to remove bad smell from carpets is to spread table salt over the entire surface. How to make carpet cleaning solution at home. Table salt or sodium chloride is very cheap and extremely effective in doing this. Apart from removing bad odours, it is also effective for disinfecting the carpet or rug.

After spreading table salt all over the surface, let it sit for 15 to 25 minutes . Afterwards, you will only have to vacuum well and voilà.

If you want a more elaborate product, take note of the following formula: In a glass jar or bottle, pour 125 g. of borax + 250 g. of baking soda + 6 drops of lavender essential oil + 6 drops of tea tree essential oil + 6 drops of peppermint essential oil .

Then, shake the mixture so that it is well integrated and spread it throughout the carpet or rug. If the rug is very large, you can double the amount. Let the product act for at least 20 minutes before vacuuming thoroughly and voila! You will have a clean, disinfected carpet with a very fresh aroma.

How to store Rugs

Many people remove rugs in the spring to keep the house cooler. If the rugs are small, lay them flat and wrap them in packing paper, this will protect them from dust during the summer. If the rugs are large, roll them up with the pile on the inside and secure them on the outside with tape.

Next, store them in a horizontal position to prevent them from becoming deformed in a place free of moisture and well ventilated to prevent them from acquiring bad odours.

Finally, protect them from moths by making some bags of lavender and rosemary leaves. And don’t forget to give your home organization a spin to breathe and revitalize.