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The Golden Triangle Tour Circuit: Places to Visit & Things to Do

golden triangle tour

Golden triangle tour is the most mesmerizing and sophisticated trip to go for in India. The popularity of this tour cab is estimated by the higher number of golden triangle tour packages provided by almost all the travel agencies. in this, we will go through the major places to visit during your tour and major activities to do.

What is the Golden Triangle Tour in India?


The three famous cities of northern India Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra forms a triangle of tourism circuit which is called the golden triangle of India. All these three cities lie at an equal distance from each other. This is why they geographically form a triangle and hence called the Golden Triangle of India.


Golden Triangle Tourism

The Golden Triangle Tourism is famous for the most enticing monuments that one can witness. Apart from this, you can observe the real beauty of Indian culture and traditions. You can also view the monuments built in different parts of the Golden Triangle which holds a glorious past of the nation. Royalty, luxury, tradition, all the themes can be experienced in a single trip to the Golden Triangle of India.


Places to visit on the Golden Triangle Tour

So, let us start with the list of the places to visit on the Golden Triangle Tour.


Red Fort


The Red Fort is a famous red stone monument in Old Delhi. This is the glorious monument of the country from which all the national days of the country are celebrated. It was also the base of the many rulers in the history of India.


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the gem of the country which is situated in Agra. This beautiful eye-catching monument is made of white marble. This monument was built in the Mughal Era by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.


Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is an ancient town near Agra. The town is said to be built by the Mughal King Akbar. Along with the famous tombs, the place has giant fates and palaces made for the queens.


India Gate

India Gate in Delhi is dedicated to the brave soldiers of India who sacrificed their lives in the war zones. The memorial built in the memory of these brave soldiers consists of the names of all the soldiers.


Akshardham Temple


Akshardham Temple is the center of attractions for all the Hindu pilgrims who visit Delhi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Maha Avishek done in the temple is very famous and must be witnessed.


Lotus Temple

As the name indicates this lotus-shaped temple in Delhi is very famous for its architecture and modern design. Although not the same, it mostly resembles the Opera house in Australia. This temple is dedicated to Lord Laxmi and Narayan so pay a visit to seek the blessings.


Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh is built in the vicinity of the beautiful Taj Mahal and is full of hundreds of different varieties of flowers. Watching the beautiful sunset sitting at the Mehtab Bagh is something you would always remember.


Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal or the Wind Palace is the center of attraction in Jaipur and was built for the women of the Royal Palaces. The hundreds of windows built in this palace give it a very different look and make it unique. Also, the palace is dedicated to Lord Krishna which holds a museum in the current time.


Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal or it is also known as the water palace is built in the center of Sagar Lake in Jaipur. This beautiful palace was used by the kings to spend time with


their queens and spend some leisure time. It was also used on some special occasions and celebrations. But at the present time more than half of the palace is in water.


City Palace

City Palace of Jaipur is another prime location for visitors to get attracted. Also, it is the biggest palace that even might take an entire day to discover completely. The palace itself has many temples and other small palaces and halls. This palace holds some of the most famous temples in Rajasthan.


Things to Do on Golden Triangle Tour

Now, let us witness some of the best things to do on the Golden Triangle India Tour that you can enjoy doing.

Boating in the Sagar Lake

Sagar Lake in Jaipur is a perfect place to enjoy boating. While boating in the lake, you also can witness the beautiful Jal Mahal which is half-submerged into the water. Boating in the lake is mostly suggested to enjoy during the sunset which is the most perfect time to witness nature’s beauty.


Elephant Ride in Amer Fort

The other most enjoyable activity which you can do in Jaipur is to ride on an elephant and explore the entire Amer Fort. The entire journey might take 3 to 4 hours but will let you explore every beauty of the Fort.

Rickshaw Tour in Agra

Exploring the entire Agra city in Rickshaw will be something which you will find adventurous. Also, this ride will introduce the ancient picture of Agra and other monuments of old times in Agra.


Delhi Cuisine

Delhi is famous for the variety of foods available over here. Hence, you are suggested to taste both the street foods and those from the hotels. Also, do not forget to taste the Chole Khulche of Delhi.


Ancient Monument Sightseeing at Delhi

Delhi is famous for the ancient monuments from the Mughal Time and it holds the record to have the maximum monuments of the Sultanate period. So, you cannot leave Delhi without exploring the beautiful monuments and the ancient temples.



Hence, this was a perfect guide for Golden Triangle India Tour that you must go through. Here, you will get a proper list of all the best places to visit during your tour and the things that you can do. So, now what are you waiting for? Along with this, you can grab a package for Golden Triangle Tour with Varanasi to explore Hindu religious temples, rivers, and also get ready to explore the real beauty of India.