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Detoxification: Cleaning Up Your Body

Detoxification: Cleaning Up Your Body

Detoxification and Are you feeling tired? Does your skin look grey. Here are ten tips and treatments to rid your body. It toxins that accumulate and thus replenish your energy… Gently!

Does your body look gloomy? Do you feel tired, lack energy, sometimes have trouble sleeping? Do you have bags under the eyes, small pimples, or cellulite? A lot of signals that appear that your body is exhausted. Which is hardly surprising, caught as we are between too rich a diet, a sedentary lifestyle and constantly increasing air pollution…

The solution? Take advantage of spring to follow an “alcohol rehab near me“. Concretely, it is a question of ridding the blood and the lymph of all the toxic sediments accumulated.

You have the choice between combining the treatments that will follow over ten days for an express cure or spreading them gently over a month. The express cure is recommends if you have already practiced a detoxification. It cures the previous year (one cure per year is more than enough). you have an excellent daily lifestyle. Anyway, don’t forget that the first few days won’t necessarily be fun. Don’t worry: fatigue, mood swings, headaches and minor skin problems. It will sometimes be there for you in the best. They are an indication that toxins are being removed. Please note, however, that this type of program is intended for people in good general health. Do not be reluctant to discuss your doctor if you have the smallest doubt about your ability to undertake it.

Lemon to stimulate the liver

The liver is a main concern organ in the detoxification procedure. Because if its functions are multiple, it is mainly responsible for eliminating waste and neutralizing toxins circulating in the body. If we know the invigorating and antibacterial virtues of lemon, we know less that it is surprisingly useful in refreshing congested livers.


Dandelion to relieve the kidneys

The kidneys filter the blood at the rate of seven litres per hour, thus eliminating, via the urine, the useless or harmful substances. Dandelion, dubbed the wonderful cleanser, facilitates their removal function. You can, of course, eat it in a salad. Maurice Messegué, herbalist, recommends preparing it as an herbal tea, combined with fumitory, rosemary, and nettle (four pinches of each in half a liter of water), to drink during the day. Dandelion also exists in the form of “freeze-ground” powder capsules (in pharmacies).


Rice to expel toxins

If it is required to unclog the liver and kidneys, it is also significant to provide them with a break by preventing the absorption of new toxins. Will you have the will to remove, during the treatment, meat, cheese (except that of sheep, more digestible), eggs, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, without forgetting bread and milk? These foods require the body to work harder to digest. To compensate, put the small dishes in the big ones and have fun preparing fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked, associated with fish, cereals, nuts…


Magnesium salt baths to sweat

Re-find the virtues of Epsom salt, previously known as doctor’s salt. This magnesium salt (in pharmacies and health food stores) is said to activate the body’s sweating and detoxification process. Dilute a pound of salt in a hot bath; relax for about fifteen minutes in the water, then massage yourself with a washcloth.

When you get out of the bath, wrap yourself in a terrycloth bathrobe. Abundant sweating and a great feeling of fatigue can follow it is therefore better to take this bath at the end of the day, twice a week (except during the period of menstruation).


Scrubs to illuminate the skin

When the liver and kidneys are overworked, the skin ends up serving as a dumping ground for the overflow of accumulated waste in the blood. Not only do these toxins produce free radicals that accelerate aging, but they impede blood circulation, guaranteeing soft, firm, and luminous skin.

The right gesture: on dry skin, before washing, rub yourself for a few minutes using a firm bristle brush or a loofah glove (vegetable sponge). Always start with the feet and then work your way up to the top of the body. Each gesture is made towards the heart, without moving back and forth. For the face, use a dry washcloth. Lastly, every 3 days, exfoliate with a suitable cream.


A cream to protect against pollution

Exposed to pollution, our skin ends up running out of breath. A waterfall of redness, heating, tightness, drawn features…

Two solutions: offer your skin the means to defend itself thanks to the contribution of antioxidant substances which will help it to fight against free radicals (creams with green tea or vitamin E); or favor active ingredients capable of capturing and neutralizing polluting molecules on the surface. A promise difficult to keep, the pollutants being multiple. While waiting to have a pollution protection index on your products, turn to laboratories that justify concrete studies.


Lymphatic drainage to eliminate

The lymph nodes secrete what the Greeks called “white blood”. Indeed, lymph has white blood cells, which absorb dead cells and toxins to remove them. Lymphatic drainage is a form of massage intended to give a boost to a sluggish lymphatic system by stimulating the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, groin, hollows of the knees and arms.


Colonic irrigation to regenerate

It is a kind of enema of the intestine, carried out using filtered water injected through a pipe via the rectum and intended to eliminate all the waste present in the colon. This hydrotherapy (or colon irrigation) gives a pleasant feeling of well-being. while reducing the challenges of constipation and aerophagia.

“It is not a wonder solution, and the main reason is that it complements by a review of the hygiene of life. warns Alain Rousseau, naturopath. Its practice is not justified when the patient is very tire. suffers from colitis, or when the abdominal musculature. It is too weak to cope with the internal pressure of water.

Colon hydrotherapy is done by a physiotherapist, naturopath, or doctor.


An herbal tea to purify

If your body is thirsty for purity, drink water as a priority (not less than a litre and a half a day). Also try infusions (one cup per day) with birch or orthosiphon, two queen plants for elimination. The first, diuretic and “dis infiltrating”, is recommends against water retention. The second, great drainer of the body, helps to lower cholesterol levels.

Purify yourself, why?

Can we access a better life by purifying body and soul? Or counteract the violence of the world with a form of inner purity? Questions that we ask ourselves in the face of the kind of products and books advocating the virtues of detoxification. Americans and English go further, extolling “mind detox” and “home detox” in many books and websites devoted to the subject…

“There is currently an awareness of the risks related to our environment and our food, underlines Claude Degree, ethno sychologist. Everyone seeks to compensate and to reassure themselves by their weak means, the action being a valve to anxiety. Therefore, we see the emergence of rehab centres near me. spa treatments, the importance of the theme of water. the explosion of the market for essential oil diffusers or air ionizers. So many gestures to resist.


Movement to activate circulation

No wellness program without physical activity. Because movement is the best way to activate blood circulation, it contributes to the elimination of toxins via the lungs (breathing) and perspiration. this exercise benefits the lymphatic system. Unlike blood, the lymph does not have a pump that propels it through the body. its circulation, therefore, relies solely on the movements of the body.

In the end, a luminous complexion, gently sloping cellulite, tenfold energy, regained sleep will reward you for your efforts.