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Collaboration with Your Utah Personal Injury Lawyer

Injury Lawyer

You may be wondering what to do next once you have discovered and hired a lawyer to defend you. We’ll go through what you should do to properly collaborate with your injury lawyer salt lake city ut on your case.

Your Most Important Considerations

There will very certainly be some inquiries and judgments to make as your personal injury case progresses. For example, you and your attorney could decide on:


  • ongoing costs;
  • The amount of effort and trouble you are willing to devote to the case;
  • The speed with which your matter is settled;
  • If you must take large initiatives that will require a significant amount of time and money;

When should you accept a settlement?

These options will be determined by your attitude and the status of the case at the moment. Although you should have a say in these decisions, you should rely on the advise of your attorney, which is why it is critical that you select an experienced personal injury attorney at Moxie Law Group who understands the facts of your case.


The following are some of the most critical problems in a lawsuit. We recommend that you retain some influence over these decisions even after engaging a lawyer to represent you. Spend some time with your lawyer at the start of the case and explain that you do not want to limit what they can accomplish. Inform them that you wish to keep the expense of your case under control and that you should be consulted before making important choices. You need a lawyer who is open to hearing this material and will collaborate with you on the case.

Experts and Investigators

An attorney may find it useful to employ someone to assist identify and prove what happened in an automobile accident, contact witnesses, or obtain important information about the defendant.


This might be a private investigator or an accident reconstruction specialist. Your attorney may wish to employ a physician who specialises in your specific ailments to review your medical records and provide expert testimony on the degree of your injuries and future medical requirements.


Because these specialists would not be employees of the legal firm, their fees would be considered external expenditures that would be deducted from your ultimate salary. Using specialists might be expensive in a short period of time. Advise your attorney not to consent to any outside consulting or services unless you understand why such specialists are required. Make sure that any outside advice from an investigator or expert is agreed upon.

Maintaining Your Case Going

Within reason, you have the right to have a lawyer and the insurance provider handle your damage claim or lawsuit as soon as possible. There will always be some delay in the business of insurance claims, and this is much more true in the case of lawsuits in general. However, in order to keep the case going, you should always endeavour to minimise delays to a minimal by routinely checking in with your attorney as well as the progress with the defence.


If you haven’t heard from your attorney about the status of your case, you should contact them to find out what’s going on and when the next event — a reaction from the insurance company or a document submitted by your lawyer — will occur. You should then follow up to ensure that it occurs. A lawyer, like anybody else, dislikes being harassed. However, you are need to be aware of what is going on in your case in order to ensure that it is being handled properly.


Be reasonable at all times. Do not call every few days to inquire about what has occurred in the previous 24 hours. Check in on a frequent basis to confirm that something is happening and that you grasp the broad timeline provided by your representative for when the next step of development will be achieved.

When Should You Settle Your Claim?

Perhaps the most important choice you and your lawyer can make is when to settle your lawsuit. While selecting whether or not to accept an offer from an insurance adjuster when conducting negotiations alone, the choice regarding when to accept a settlement offer secured by your lawyer will be primarily determined by whether or not you are pleased. Always assess what you believe the case is worth, as well as the time and resources required to obtain a bigger settlement than provided, as well as the chance of being offered more in the first place. You should think about how urgent your financial worries are and how much money you want to invest in the legal procedure. Of course, you should talk with your lawyer on these issues as well in order to make an informed decision.


This is why you hired an attorney in the first place, but the decision should not be based solely on what the lawyer wants — for example, to settle quickly because he or she is swamped with other cases and no longer wants to put in the effort to raise a given, or because the lawyer wants a larger payout, choosing to gamble with your time and money. Your ultimate decision should be yours. It must be decided after a thorough conversation with your lawyer about the dangers of the future in comparison to what is now being given.

Utah Car Accidents

When a person fails to drive properly on the road, they may endanger other people. This can be due to a variety of factors, but the primary causes of automobile accidents include irresponsible driving habits such as cell phone usage and drinking. Every year, tens of thousands of people are injured in these incidents, and in certain situations, victims can work with a Salt Lake City automobile accident lawyer to recover lost compensation.


Moxie Law Group’s Utah personal injury attorneys believe that at-fault drivers should be held accountable for damaging a loved one. If you or a family member has been harmed in an automobile accident caused by a negligent driver, please contact us at 435-419-5710 to see how we may assist you.