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5 Reasons Why Every B2B e-commerce Site Should Take Lessons from B2C

B2B businesses are taking their products online in greater numbers than ever, but many of these companies struggle to convert site visitors into customers. B2C sites have had years to perfect their commerce strategies and it shows. They’ve done things like focus on the customer experience, use mobile-friendly design, and make checkout easy. But you don’t need to be a B2C company to learn from these lessons; every B2B company can benefit from emulating them as well.

There’s plenty of evidence that people now prefer browsing for products online (and even buying them there) instead of trekking out to stores or waiting for catalogs in the mail. Here’s how your business can take advantage of this trend:

1) Make Checkout Easy  

When people are ready to buy, they don’t want to be bogged down with multiple steps during checkout. Find ways of minimizing the process for them. For example, using an online shopping cart that automatically fills in information or allowing customers to save their information on your site makes it simpler for them to place repeat orders without re-entering their credit card details each time.

2) Use Secure Checkout Pages   

Encryption is now table stakes for any eCommerce company serious about security . That means you shouldn’t have any trouble convincing visitors that your checkout pages are safe. Now’s the time to beef up the protection you offer by requiring SSL encryption across all your web pages and including a green padlock in your site’s URL bar. As a general rule, you should require HTTPS for all pages that contain payment information or personal data.

3) Optimize Your Mobile Experience   

With the way smartphone penetration is growing, small screens are becoming increasingly popular . If your B2B company wants to appeal to this developing audience, don’t just give them a basic mobile version of your site; optimize it for their devices. You can do this by using media queries and responsive design techniques to adapt the layout of your website based on what device visitors are using. This ensures everyone gets an optimal experience, no matter what kind of device they’re browsing with.

4) Focus on Customeraction  

Every customer interaction on your B2B company’s site should be geared toward the goal of making the sale. For example, visitors should be able to find all of the information they need without having to hunt for it on Google or sift through a support community. That means putting essential items like prices and product descriptions front and center, so people won’t have to hunt around for them when it comes time to click “Buy.”

5) Design an Eye-Catching Site   

Studies show that color schemes are one of the first things that catch someone’s eye in an aesthetically-driven society… provide something attractive enough for people to want to land on your page in the first place . Once there, you’ll need to give them visual cues to guide them toward your products. That means creating an environment that’s visually appealing and also reflects the nature of what you’re selling bee venom suppliers (for example, highlighting images of people using your company’s tools). When you’ve got all this working in unison, it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel for anyone browsing your site to click “Add to Cart.”


Your business can take advantage of this trend by having checkout pages optimized for mobile, focusing on customer action and providing an eye-catching design. If you need help creating a stellar website that will convert new customers into loyal ones, let us know. Our team of experts are ready to partner with you to create the best site possible! Which of these strategies have you applied in your own B2B eCommerce strategy?