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5 Flatbed Trailer Equipment Every Driver Should Have


We provide flatbed equipment for your trailer, from corner protection to tyre chains, to keep you going smoothly.

As a flatbed trailer owner, you understand that there isn’t much your trailer can’t carry. Your cargo is exposed, and you need devices to secure it while protecting it from abrasions and damage. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned flatbed truck driver, we have supplies to assist you to transport your cargo load safely and on schedule.

Chains for Tires

These tyre chains, also known as snow tyre chains, are intended to assist you and your cargo in reaching your destination in snowy or icy weather. When you’re stranded in the snow, these snow chains provide you more control and superior grip behind the wheel.

We have both light-duty and heavy-duty tyre chains. The distinction is in how you want to use these chains. Consider the light-duty chain if you believe you will only use it occasionally during the cold months. If you know you’ll be using chains regularly, you might consider investing in a heavy-duty chain.

Remember that even if you don’t travel in winter conditions on a regular basis, certain states have DOT laws requiring drivers to carry or use tyre chains throughout the winter season. So, throughout the colder months, have tyre chains in your vehicle.


Tarps are one of the most effective methods to protect your goods. We have heavy-duty tarps that protect against elements like rain and snow. These tarp coverings may not only protect your goods from specific weather conditions, but they can also prevent scratches and markings on them. These truck tarps include two or three rows of d-rings over the length of the tarp, allowing it to be securely fastened down to the truck bed. We offer a variety of tarps, including timber tarps, steel tarps, equipment tarps, smoke and nose tarps, and more.

At our Urbana, Iowa factory, we even make personalised flatbed tarps. Adam demonstrates in this video how our team manufactures long-lasting personalised tarps at your convenience.

Corner guards and vee boards

Corner guards are a low-cost technique to safeguard your goods. These guards may prevent not only your goods from being shattered or damaged, but also your straps, chains, and tarps. They are intended to prevent sharp edges from tearing or abrading the tarp material. The objective of these wall corner guards is to provide a layer between the cargo and the strap or chain, which may reduce the pressure on the weight from the strap/chain.

Fun fact: by avoiding friction, plastic corner guards may increase the life of your ratchet straps.

Ratchet Straps and Winch Straps

Ratchet straps and winch straps are both effective for heavy tie-down applications in the transportation sector. The main changes are in how the straps are tightened and the sort of lock the two straps have.

When utilising the ratchet strap, you move it to the spool, bring it back over on itself, and pull. After that, you may begin to ratchet and crank the lever repeatedly until the load is tightened. Both kinds of tie-downs come with a flat hook, a wire hook, a chain extension, or a grab hook.

We sell a variety of colours such as red, green, blue, and yellow so you can identify which strap you are using while also complementing the colours of your business or vehicle.


A D-ring is a piece of hardware that looks like the letter D and may be attached to the strap or fixed directly to your flatbed trailer to secure your goods. D-rings and straps are versatile techniques to outfit a trailer with several tie-down points for securing the cargo load. We sell a variety of D-ring types, as well as D-ring components and accessories to let you tailor your trailer design.